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Director & CEO, (Chief Encouragement Officer) ACT = AUTISM CAREGIVER TRAINING

For close to 30 years, Barbara Lebo has owned and operated Lebo Media Services, a strategic marketing and advertising sales consulting agency, specializing in reaching hard-to-reach professionals = doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants and veterinarians in Canada and the US.  For over a decade Barbara exclusively handled advertising sales for The Canadian Bar Association, The American Bar Association and The Canadian Education Association. Barbara most recently handled advertising sales for The Canadian Nurses Association.

Barbara has been married for over 30 years. At age 50-something , Barbara has a 19 year old daughter, an 18 year old son and a 13 year old son.  

Barbara’s 13 year old son lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Barbara’s 18 year old son is in recovery from Leukemia.

A dynamic public speaker and presenter, Barbara has taught sales, marketing, public relations and promotions for Centennial College as well as the International Academy of Advertising, Merchandising and Design.    Barbara also led  life-transforming workshops called  “It’s All About Attitude” = A Plan for Success for Living …  “Attitude equals Altitude” = Reaching New Heights in Personal Performance . and “Empowering Parents” = How and When to Take Charge. These workshops were available to businesses and educational institutions. The entire concept is based on the belief that small changes in Attitude can translate into large changes in life – in financial success … in happiness … in emotional and physical wellbeing … in relationships … in contribution to society … and in our everyday performance as partners and parents.

In her  most important program to date,  Barbara offers  an incredible amount of crucial information for caregivers,  healthcare providers and other service providers who are working with … or wanting to work with children, adolescents, young adults and adults living with Autism.   Upon completion of this certification course,  providers can be considered to be  “Autism  Care Specialists”   with “Autism Friendly Practices & Environments.”    Barbara will also share her own powerful personal story of her family’s journey with Autism with her son.


UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - 1st Year - Pre-Meds 

RYERSON UNIVERSITY 2nd Year - Hospitality, Business & Management 


YORK UNIVERSITY - SCHULICH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - MBA - Masters of Business Administration

INSTITUTE of CANADIAN ADVERTISING - CAAP (Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner)

NATIONAL INSTITUTE of BROADCASTING - Broadcasting Graduate Diploma

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Barbara Lebo, MBA, BComm, CAAP, NIB
CEO, (Chief Encouragement Officer) Lebo Media Services.
Director & Chief Operating Officer, ACTI = Autism CaregiverTraining Institute

Director, Business Development Autism Caregiver Training Institute

For over 20 years I have been actively involved working with children/youth in various capacities.

Experience working in both private and public sector organizations. Provided clinical, guidance, supervision  and intervention of children/adolescents with autism and other special needs.

Currently employed for the last 12 years as an Educational Assistant with York Region District School Board.

After trying to find a quick one-sentence explanation on what it’s like to do what I do,  I said, “Working with families that have been touched with autism is the most interesting, rewarding job I’ve ever had.”

Every person with autism is first and foremost an individual, which means they present with their own behaviours, needs and gifts.

B.A. Sociology
Honors Diploma in Community & Social Services
and E.C.E. ABA Training, Behavioural Training


With over ten years creative experience Bonnie Paltsev serves as
graphic designer to the ACT team.She strives to communicate the ACT
objectives through print design and for the website and is happy to
comply with any of the ACT team's graphic needs to promote the values
and communicate the objectives for seminars and other projects.


For over 15 years, Frank Syrmopoulos has been a videographer and video producer, working on numerous documentaries, short films and corporate videos. A graduate of York University with an MBA from the Schulich School of Business (2003), Frank is passionate about his work, and shares an equal passion for the subject of autism, as he has a young son who is on the autism spectrum.

North America's first and only 1-2 day Autism Healthcare & Service Provider Training Certification Course

Barbara Lebo, for Braeden - MBA, BComm, CAAP, NIB
Director & Chief Operating Officer
ACTI = Autism CaregiverTraining Institute
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E: barblebo@rogers.com